Our marketing portfolio is a little harder to display than typical design work. The core of it lies in the success of our working relationship with clients and the end results clients see when it’s implemented.

Here is a sampling of the type of marketing work where we’ve lent a hand:

  • Web Marketing Strategy | John W. Danforth Company
    We helped this large mechanical contracting firm develop a Web Marketing Strategy around one of their niche division areas. The resulting plan incorporated preliminary keyword research, directory websites, and recommended tactical strategies.
  • Marketing Coaching | Multiple Clients
    Our Marketing Coaching one-on-one approach has helped several clients define and develop focused areas of their marketing efforts through targeted strategic development and training. See what one of our coaching clients, Jennifer Calero of Santangelo Hair, had to say:

“When I started working with Karen [at Beyondus], I had a lot of ideas and a lot of goals I wanted to achieve with my marketing plan for the upcoming year. It was a bit overwhelming! Karen really helped me get organized and focus on the initiatives that were going to have the greatest impact on my business. Because of Karen’s coaching program, I now have a comprehensive marketing plan that consists of action items so I know what I need to do, when I need to do it and how I am going to measure its success. Thank you!”

  • Tactical Marketing Plan | Niagara USA Chamber
    We helped the Niagara USA Chamber to reassess their brand in the region and put together a plan encompassing some strategies they could employ to improve communication and meet membership goals with existing staff resources.
  • Web Needs Analysis | LPCiminelli
    This Buffalo, NY-based general contractor came to us when they decided to revamp their corporate site. We developed a web needs analysis looking at the competitive landscape online and best practice research to map out a plan for the resulting website redesign.
  • Tactical Marketing Plan for Company Launch | ASG
    When Alternative Solutions Group launched their new brand, we designed their logo and core materials, but we also helped them to organize an initial tactical marketing plan – spelling out marketing initiatives they could undertake to help them meet their goals. In addition, we planned for their public launch announcement at an industry event.

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