Just for Fun – Our Year in 140 Characters

2009: (nice economy…lol) Love our community: Expo,volunteer,teach. Gratitude 4 great clients, humbled by awards. Excited4 what’s new/next!

But 140 characters for a WHOLE year was a little tough – so by month below :)

  1. Jan: 2009 New Year’s wishes out a little late : ( raring 2 go w/ resolutions tho… in high gear w/ mktg reading, planning 4 yr, client mtgs
  2. Feb: lots of prep 4 ABWA annual auction, on Savor the Success blogging & more, 100 days of kindergarten, god bless teachers!
  3. Mar: launches NCCEDEV, more sites. Dodged a bullet (jury duty). Best quote: Avinash Kaushik “I came, I puked, I left” (what bounce rate is)
  4. Apr: Alessandro tweets. Karen visits MA clients on a road trip. And OMG! An actual real-life vacation!
  5. May: LPCiminelli live. Karen-Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year. Welcoming new NU intern Christie. Beyondus gets a Facebook page – fan us!
  6. June: Lewiston Arts Council gets a facelift. Christie blogs & brainstorms new tagline “Define Your Presence” – like it?
  7. July: Ahh summer. Slowed it down a tad for family time but lots of keyboard time too. Sponsored Niagara River Region Chamber mixer!
  8. Aug: New logo/site for PC Group, Inc. Alessandro named to Bflo’s 40 Under Forty! 15,000 Get Motivated, mangiamo courtesy of Nonna, Jazz Fest
  9. Sept: Karen’s first of 4 Niagara University Continuing Ed classes. TONS of work by all of us for the Niagara Expo ’09. Wow, flew by.
  10. Oct: Niagara Expo kicks off month in a big way. (then a long deep breath) Lots of behind the scenes dev work and design.
  11. Nov: WeBuildGaming, cool LPC microsite. 40 Under 40 lunch. Social media pres at ABWA – eek Facebook! Thanksgiving. Thank you clients!
  12. Dec: Over the Falls Tours launches. Alessandro, Amy, Karen love up WordPress. Karen teaches JA. First BOOT CAMP. Ready 4 the New Year…

Post your own Year in 140 characters in the comments! We dare you to try! :)

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