Intern Blog 4: Defining Beyondus

Posted by Christie Englert

Hi there, it’s me again. I know it’s been a while; this summer has been very crazy. We have been working on so many projects over here at Beyondus, and I have a lot to talk to you about.  As you have read, the role of my internship is to do Beyondus’ personal marketing; essentially I am defining Beyondus.


Be⋅yond⋅us   [bee-ond-uhs]

  1. a way to define your presence.
  2. a marketing firm that specializes in online marketing strategies
  3. your solution to graphic design, web design, and marketing consulting among a long list of other services.
  4. the company founded by Alessandro and Karen Renzi in 2002 in Salem, MA.

This may seem like a joke, but I think it will make more sense if you continue reading!

For the past few weeks we have been thinking of a campaign theme for Beyondus. We wanted something that could be carried throughout all forms of marketing, the website, newsletters, etc. I came up with the idea “Define Yourself” because we are a company that helps businesses define themselves via marketing. We were all excited because we were going to use a dictionary theme in the website and mailing pieces. We were even going to utilize a typewriter-style font and make the About Us section look like dictionary references. However, to our dismay, that tagline was already trademarked. So we have been discussing alternative slogans – ones that can still use the dictionary theme and convey the message that Beyondus can help you define your company. How does “Define Your Presence” sound?

I have also taken on another task of revamping the Beyondus website. Karen and I have been working on the content. We are in the process of updating the text and reorganizing the Portfolio and Services sections to make the site more user-friendly. I researched other marketing company websites to see how to organize our services, and I discussed my findings with Karen. We noticed many companies used categories like Digital and Interactive that we thought may be too vague for most people to understand. It’s ironic that we put so much time into discussing which categories we should use only to draw the conclusion that the simpler the headings are, the better. Even I would not have known what Interactive meant if I hadn’t read about it in my Integrated Marketing Communications class. We have decided that whenever we come up with new ideas for a project we will run them through the mom test. That’s right – the mom test! If our mothers understand what we mean, chances are that our clients who aren’t marketers will also understand.

I have learned that it’s not as easy as many think to create a website. There is a lot of thought that goes into it. Websites need to be clear and concise for clients to understand what a company offers, though they also need to be interesting enough to grab attention. I hope that our definition theme is unique enough to catch people’s interest and also lucid enough for our message to be understood.

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