Using Toilet Paper to Size Up Your SEO Marketing Budget

Posted by Karen Renzi

Just when I thought I’d heard it all, here comes this Online Media Daily article¬†with a new perspective for looking at your marketing budget: toilet paper. It seems a little ludicrous at first – but of course that’s what got my attention, and presumably yours.

So what’s at the heart of this article is a lesson in perspective for all of us. If we can spend X amount of money a year on something that literally gets flushed down the toilet, shouldn’t we take a closer look at how much we are willing to allocate to marketing efforts that will build our brand, generate website traffic and leads, and ultimately boost sales?

In the case of the big brands, this equates to millions of dollars (to the tune of $1,693,774 per year on toilet paper). For smaller businesses, it might not add up quite so quickly, but it’s worth taking a minute to consider: How much DO YOU spend on things like toilet paper, coffee, and wasted paper? And for a more direct comparison in marketing, how much do you spend on printing letters, postage, advertising? How does that compare to your online spending for website and email marketing?

85.3% of B2B purchasers go online to research purchases. (Enquiro B2B Survey 2007)

I think that deserves at least as much consideration and investment as toilet paper, don’t you agree?

It’s also worth remembering that implementing an online marketing strategy doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of budget-conscious ways to get started – and I’m always happy to point our clients in the right direction. Just ask!

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