Relationship 101: Dating Your Creative Agency, Part 2

Posted by Karen Renzi

Part 2: The First Date


It’s your last chance to make a first impression.

We’re both on our best behavior. Of course the agency has to impress the client so we’ll be dressed to impress. And clients, you will probably be very courteous and interested in our presentation. After all if you like us, you will also want to make sure that we’ll like you. And if the agency REALLY likes you, they might even (shh…) lower the price. Nothing wrong with that, but just make sure what you DO say is truthful and that you can live up to your word. Otherwise you’ll fall flat the on the second date (and forget about the third, you’ll never be invited upstairs).


We both try to keep the black sheep in the closet.

On a first date, you probably wouldn’t tell us about your crazy Aunt Suzie. In our first meeting, you might not tell your agency about “Bill the cranky VP” who needs to sign off on creative either. Likewise, your agency won’t be too eager to tell you the funny story about the time the process went awry and the client went away.


Now, while your crazy Aunt Suzie might not have a lot of impact on the long-term potential of your relationship (unless she’s living with you!), openness might be to the advantage of both of you in the case of agency / client relationship.


So just ask. What have you got to lose? We both have to decide if this is relationship material after all.

“Who else in your company likes to have input in creative decisions or the creative process?”

“What challenges have you, Agency, come across in working with clients – I want to hear about a bad client situation.”


Up next: Part 3 – The Relationship

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