Finding the time…

As our first post to the blog, I thought it would be fit to talk about “finding the time…” which seems to elude us all at times, and for business owners, sometime that is a phrase that we can’t even start to comprehend.

I seem to always come across epiphanies at 3:00a.m. while working in front of my computer, and a couple of weeks ago, I had one. It was a long week, and I came to the realization that I haven’t been able to spend the quality time that I try so dearly to spend with my daughter Isabella each week -sometimes due to work and sometimes due to our new daughter Sofia who was born on July 3rd. I came to the conclusion that night that I needed desperately find some time to have father and daughter time with Isabella. To make up for my lack of time spent with her, I though what better than to take her to the America concert at Artpark’s wonderful “Free Concerts at the Park”.

The week of the concert didn’t start too well. A laptop crashed, two other computers probably became the world’s biggest paper weights, and on the day of the concert, I was about 2 days behind with work. All day I was thinking about cancelling our “date” so that I could get caught up, but how would a four-year-old react…would she know any better? She was quite excited about going, but would it really matter?

I made the decision at 5p.m. that I needed to find the time for her and this was the time. So we went to the concert, and the rough week continued, as I forgot to bring enough cash, my credit cards slipped out of my wallet when I grabbed it from my bag before we left, and who ever thought that “lawn seats” meant that everybody brings their seats but you. With the little cash we had, we had to pass up the sweet scent of fresh burgers being barbecued and go directly to a pizza vendor that was selling pizza out of the box. Two slices, one for me and one for Isa…and within few seconds, Isabella’s piece was dropped with dirt and grass on it. So I did the only thing a father ought to do…and that is give his pristine slice to his daughter. Did I mention that the slice of pizza was breakfast for me? It was a hot day…jeans not the best thing to wear…and I was the only one sitting on the grass…even Isabella was smarter than me and asked me to bring her lawn chair.

I was determined to turn things around, but didn’t know how…but sometime things work a way for some reason, when the talented Juliet Lloyd, the opening act, came on stage I realized why I was there to begin with..not for the pizza, not for the heat, not for bumpy seat, not for hundreds of people sitting in front of me making the stage just seem like an idea…but for Isa. She listened there with me, preferring to sit next to me instead on her chair, without moving for 2 and half hours… oh yeah, she did move with excitement when America finally took the stage. (I played few songs the weeks coming up to the concert.)

12 years from now, I’m sure I will not even remember what projects I was working on this week, in fact I have already forgotten. However, I will sure remember the time I had with my daughter at the America concert. I’m sure that when I think about this in 12 years from now, I will be glad that I found the time, and most of all, how much I would like to go back in time to relive the moment, since there is a good chance that by that time, I will have a 16-year-old daughter asking me for the car keys.

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